As a contractor it’s up to you to embrace new technology to streamline all construction processes; from initial design to construction and through to the final hand over.

Are you using the most up-to-date site information when your BIM modellers are getting to work?

We collaborate with our clients to capture and share construction sites in their entirety, through the delivery of accurate 3D point cloud models. These models reflect the changes in the life-cycle of your site and provide your BIM modellers with the ability to build on their designs with the most up-to-date spatial data, accurately reflecting the most recent conditions.

In the UK more than 50% of infrastructure is over 100 years old and as buildings are repurposed to conform with innovation and regulations the requirement for accurate spatial data is vital.

3D Scan to BIM

The true value to your workflow is clearly visible through reduced costs, decreased timelines, managing quality increases and ensuring safety improvements.

Our scanned data is fully compatible with:

• AutoCAD
• Revit
• Navvisworks
• Civil3D
• Infraworks

Consult our transformation team for more information.