Virtual Reality (VR) replicates an environment, either real or imagined, that simulates a physical space and lets the user interact with it. VR offers significant benefits to design and engineering teams and also ensures that these digital designs can be utilised within marketing teams to engage with audiences and drive sales. We create VR content for real estate property viewing, hospitality, events and travel & tourism. With considerable experience in developing VR apps for HTC Vive and Oculus Gear and Rift we can create the ultimate VR experience for your clients.
Key advantages:

• Helps to simulate 3D visualisations of spaces, environments, characters and emotions
• Collaboration with others in the same virtual space
• Stereoscopic views with a true sense of scale and relationships
• Open world environments, with freedom to explore discover and learn
• Design & build, training and development, sales & marketing and R&D applications

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